A boutique hotel or a chain hotel or?

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The chain hotel or the small family hotel

Like the great fashion brands, and car companies also in the HoReCa grows restaurant and hotel giants. Companies often offer services of the highest quality, which hotels are available in almost every country in the world. On the other hand, we have a small local hotel having a unique identity to which of these you choose?


The hotel corporations


The advantage of the hotel corporation is the uniformity of their hotels and services. Regardless of what place on earth you hit, you can always have the feeling of security resulting from the fact that you are surrounded by things familiar.



Knowledge of the offer and the services offered by the hotel may be too much to facilitate and accelerate the processes of check-in and check-out, etc.


Another advantage of using chain hotels is the opportunity to participate in loyalty programs, by which we are able to cheaper accommodation, or take advantage of additional attractions.


Prices of rooms in hotel chains are generally transparent and constructed according a specific, transparent scheme.




Hotels with a soul



Small local hotel has the great advantage that is unique, and probably you can’t find the same one in the world. These types of hotels are the most soaked the culture of the country, and have a specific atmosphere of the place. If you want not only to visit the country, but also get to know it is worth to choose that option.


A boutique hotel is also often much smaller than a chain, so that if we are to some extent of privacy and individual approach to the client, such the hotel could be a better option.






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