Internet in hotel's room

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Mathew (IT specialist): You ask me if I ever have problems with internet into hotel's room? I tell you: yeah, sure! Sometimes i ask myself why, after all there are solutions like, thanks to that you can have very good connection without drill in walls. I think managers of hotels should have training in this area it will be much more easier to everyone.



Elena (manager of restaurant): Yes, problems with internet it is week side of many hotels. For me it course also difficulties, I work in my hotel' rooms so I need stabile and fast network connection, but not every hotels take care of that. Sometimes I was very nervous, especially when they need something quickly send or receive from the company.


Tina (housewife): To tell you the truth I am not sure, because when I am on my vacations, I do not use of internet, so I do not care of it. I also do not allow use of the internet to my husband or children, because I believe in that time we should be together without any distractions. This is time for our family and we do not need anything else.


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