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Las Mimosas is a place emerged in the vicinity of the old Hotel Quisisana, now home to the Pious Schools, as an expansion of the bourgeois area of ​​the capital. Similar to what happened in the neighbourhood of Hotels, here also began to build large mansions, in which inhabited the people with more resources of the city. Las Mimosas, also is where are the most luxury properties in Tenerife, according to a representative of , well known agency in the region, for those interested to buy luxury properties. Tenerife with no doubt is the best option around Europe, for all those demanding costumers, for sure Tenerife luxury properties are a promise of comfort high standard and sun all over the year.



As Anna Hacker- German, new resident of Las Mimosas- points out, this is a site traditionally occupied by doctors, lawyers and, in general, inhabitants of the city with a high purchasing power. "It is certainly a very comfortable and quiet area to live in. In fact, all these Tenerife luxury properties, in the area of Las Mimosas, have anti-theft systems, with alarms, security cameras and even dogs. "


But not all areas of Santa Cruz developed on the same level. In the middle of century the southwest zone began to expand to spaces more distant of the centre, thanks to the annexation with some districts of El Rosario, like Barranco Grande, The Sobradillo or El Tablero, these places are also very good, and are growing pretty quickly, thanks to the crescent demand, exclusive from business man from around Europe.


Tenerife luxury properties


Let the data point them as the most different quarters of the capital chicharrera, both Las Mimosas and La Gallega still have great similarities. With its origins marked by the establishment of the new residential areas of the capital during the expansion that took place in the middle of the 20th century, these neighbourhoods still witness the weight of history in the trajectory of this city. For all these reasons, Tenerife luxury properties are in great development.


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