How cheaply to sleep in hotels?

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Clever ways for a cheap overnight

Does accommodation in the hotel have to be expensive? Not necessarily, you only need to know of what methods to use to stay in the tourist capitals of the world, and that don’t mean for us to high bills for bed. Here are some clever, proven by experienced travelers ways to save our money on hotel nights.


  1. Reservations are through services bookings. We wrote about them in the section "Hotel Bookings", booking a hotel through one of these sites, we can take advantage of significant discounts, so that our accommodation can be cheaper by 20%, or even 40%.

  2. Customer loyalty programs in the a chain hotel or - thanks to the participation in the loyalty programs of large hotel chains, collecting points for each stay, and then we can take advantage of accommodation at half price, and sometimes even for free.

  3. If you only have the opportunity to book a hotel before or after the season, the resorts have less traffic and go down with the price in order to gain customers.

  4. Take advantage of last minute offers, such as airlines and travel agencies, as well as hotels have special deals where you can really save a lot.

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